Our Approach

Based on 30 years as an independent contractor with a firm understanding of the I&C Life Cycle and the active prevention of incidents leading to hazardous situations, by being actively involved in all aspects of the specification of instrumentation and controls.

Our Story

Through our 30 year involvement in the Safety Life Cycle from it’s inception to it’s eventual end, and prevention of unsafe incidents by providing a qualitative design with quantitative results. Woolsey Instrumentation and Design Limited has made this their mission statement by being actively involved in the instrumentation engineering design cycle early at the specification and front end so that we can lead responsibly for the execution of a safe start-up all the way to the operation and maintenance of industrial facilities.

Meet Our President

We operate as an independant contractor that can engage multiple I&C professionals to accomplish a task.


Robert Woolsey

Founder & CEO Robert started his career in 1987 upon completing his Instrumentation Technology training out of Saskatchewan Polytechnic. He has worked as a process technician for a major midstream refiner and consulted in the instrumentation and controls engineering, procurement and construction industry where his involvement has lead to the successful team integration for turnover and facility start-up.

Next Steps…

If you would like to talk about how we can implement a management plan that ensures an appropriate method of executing ALL aspects of the reliability life cycle please allow us to tell you. Call to Action